Fight cancer. Get better intelligence.

Targeting cancer with drugs can be hard. The right treatment at the right time may however make all the difference. Our liquid biopsy technology allows non-invasive, simple and accurate profiling of cancer, all in a single blood draw.

Cancer in Asia is Different

Experience with Asian cancers
makes Lucence the preferred
genetic testing partner in Asia.

Know Your Cancer

The first step to fighting cancer begins with understanding the gene mutation that is driving it.

A Breakthrough in Cancer Diagnostics

Comprehensive insights within a single draw of blood. Non-invasive and affordable.

Liquid Biopsy with Lucence


Only a single draw of blood (2 tubes).
No invasive surgical procedures required.


Clinical interpretation with
detailed explanation of the test results.


Test results back in
2 working days for
quick actions.

Cancer Diagnostics with Lucence

We work with leading oncologists from the region to help patients identify somatic (non-hereditary) and germline (hereditary) mutations with a single draw of their blood.

Somatic Cancer

Detect for circulating tumor DNA fragments in the bloodstream to enable cancer screening and monitoring of treatment responses.

Germline Cancer

Use DNA sequencing to shed light on hereditary conditions and help patients take precautionary steps to manage their risk of developing cancer.

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