When the same cancer happens in the family,
it helps to know if it is hereditary.

Cancers occurring to multiple family members could arise from mutant genes being inherited down the family line. For example, if your grandmother and aunt both have breast cancer.  Knowing the presence of a mutant gene can help prepare other family members for lifestyle adjustments including regular screenings.

What is risk assessment?

Cancer risk assessment identifies individuals with higher than average genetic risks of developing cancer, and who may benefit from additional screening and preventive measures.

Organs covered under LumiFOCUSTM Series

Ordering LumiFOCUSTM

If you are a practicing doctor in Singapore, you can order the tests with us online or call our sales hotline (+65 6592 5102). If you would like to find out more, we can schedule an appointment with you to explain our somatic and germline cancers tests in person.

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