Our technology illuminates the medical diagnosis with a single blood draw. The core engine of our technology is a pipeline of patented sequencing technology, powered by deep-tech in-house software analytics. Proudly designed by an international team of doctors and scientists headquartered in Singapore, our diagnostic tests enable physicians to make more informed decisions to improve patient outcomes.


Rapid, non-invasive and ultra-sensitive liquid biopsy

Patented companion diagnostics supported by world class expertise

World class clinical and laboratory expertise in oncology recognized by international awards

Cost effective with rapid turn-around time

In house genetic counselling provides reliable interpretation of test results for rapid management


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Read more about our NPC Gold™ Screening Test.

Please call +65 6909 5102 during office hours or contact us via the web form for sales support.

Call us at +65 6909 0390 to learn more about our new NPC screening.

Read more about our NPC Gold™ Screening Test.

Please call +65 6909 0390 during office hours or contact us via the web form for sales support.

Call us at +65 6909 0390 to learn more about our new NPC screening.


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The 24-hour turnaround of ctDNA tests is now available at Lucence. Follow the link below for more details.


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You may find out more information about the NPC Gold™ Screening Test below.

Please call +65 6909 0390 during office hours or contact us via the web form for sales support.


Lucence is an international molecular diagnostics company headquartered in Singapore that offers rapid, non-invasive and ultrasensitive diagnostic platform technologies to support clinical decision-making. Our available diagnostic tests comprehensively cover liquid biopsy and companion diagnostic applications, and have undergone extensive clinical validation and ongoing external quality assessment. Our primary goal is for our assays to enable you, the physician, to make the best decisions possible for your patient’s health.


Lucence Diagnostics Pte Ltd is licensed by the Ministry of Health (Singapore) as a Clinical Laboratory (License No: 17I0039/01/172) under the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act. It participates in external quality assurance programs including National External Quality Assurance System (NEQAS) and European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN). For the highest quality and relevance, all reports are reviewed by in-house expert oncologists and geneticists.

Circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) are fragments of DNA shed from tumor cells into the blood stream or other compartments such as CSF. ctDNA can be distinguished by the presence of cancer associated somatic mutant DNA. ctDNA is widely used as a biomarker in cancer diagnosis and prognosis, and its detection commonly called a ‘liquid biopsy’. The amount and proportion of ctDNA is usually higher with increasing tumour burden and amounts may vary among individuals.

Allows monitoring of treatment response and drug resistance in a non-invasive manner over several time points

ctDNA analysis is useful for molecular profiling of tumour over traditional tissue biopsies due to tumour heterogeneity

ctDNA analysis is highly sensitive and specific for detection of tumour-specific genetic mutations and may significantly improve current systems of tumour diagnosis

Extensive evidence suggests that about 5-10% of all cancers are caused due to the mutations in one or more genes that are passed along from generation to generation. Individuals who inherit such mutations have an increased lifetime risk of developing particular types of cancer, and often more than one type of cancer.

Hereditary cancers typically have an early age of onset and can affect multiple organs, and close members of families are often affected. Some of these genes may be involved in the development of more than one type of cancer, and conversely, more than one gene may lead to a particular cancer type. Knowing the involvement of particular genes in hereditary cancers can allow the design of focused and comprehensive genetic tests to accurately identify gene mutations that confer increased risk of cancer development.

Lucence Diagnostics has developed proprietary workflows for the thorough assessment of mutations in significant genes associated with hereditary cancers. Testing for hereditary cancer syndrome including breast and/or ovarian cancers, colorectal cancer and kidney cancer is offered at Lucence Diagnostics.

For patients who may benefit from certain drugs, such as PARP inhibitors for breast cancer, genetic testing can provide useful information for treatment selection. In addition, genetic testing can be useful in patients with a strong family history of cancer or certain diseases.

Genetic testing information can help in the planning of health care options, including drug selection in patients with cancer. Additionally, knowledge can empower better choices in screening, diagnosis, lifestyle changes and treatment.

Comprehensive but accessible reports provided to physicians, which can help improve patient management. We recognize the importance of providing specialist follow-up advice and discussion as to the best options for your patients.

A single blood sample can be used to identify relevant mutations in an individual.


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