Always available when you need them.

Free Delivery. Free Collection.

Cancer genetics testing should be simple, easy and readily available. And that begins with delivering our blood collection kits and collecting them back, at no cost, when needed by the doctor.

The blood collection kits come with all the necessary information to order a diagnostics test from Lucence. We will also replenish the kits when they are running low, so the doctor spends less time worrying about logistics and more time with their patients.

Customers outside Singapore will receive our blood collection kits inclusive of international shipping label and instructions.

Request a Blood Collection Kit

Inside a Lucence Blood Collection Kit

The Lucence Blood Collection Kit is designed to help make the transport of blood specimen safe and hassle-free. Each kit contains:

  • 2 Streck or EDTA tubes in a foam box
  • 1 test order form
  • 1 patient consent form
  • 1 biohazard bag
  • 1 consignment note for complimentary courier service

Phlebotomy Services in Singapore

If you are a practicing doctor in Singapore, we can schedule a blood draw appointment with you at no additional charge. Contact our team to schedule a phlebotomy appointment, one day in advance.