Screen and Track Organ-specific Sporadic Cancers

LiquidSCREENTM and LiquidTRACKTM identify specific genetic mutations in ctDNA (circulating tumor DNA) shed from tumor cells. Here are some organs available for LiquidSCREENTM and LiquidTRACKTM.

How to use LiquidSCREENTM & LiquidTRACKTM?

  • Patient: Has not done liquid biopsy before.
  • Objective: To find out driving mutation of cancer.
  • Recommended: LiquidSCREENTM
  • Patient: Has done LiquidSCREENTM before and identified sensitizing mutation.
  • Objective: To monitor treatment response.
  • Recommended: LiquidTRACKTM

Frequently Asked Questions

Can patients take a LiquidTRACKTM without having the LiquidSCREENTM test done?

We do not recommend using LiquidTRACKTM before taking LiquidSCREENTM test.

As LiquidTRACKTM is highly specific, knowing the right patient-sensitized mutation (which can be obtained from LiquidSCREENTM) is therefore required before proceeding with this test.

Does it matter what stage of cancer that the patient is in?

Late stage cancer patients would benefit the most from LiquidSCREENTM and LiquidTRACKTM tests.

Can LiquidSCREENTM and LiquidTRACKTM cover more than one specified organ?

LiquidSCREENTM & LiquidTRACKTM can detect cancer in specific organs.

How fast can I expect the test results?

Doctors can expect results back in 2 working days for standard orders. If testing for additional genes such as BRAF are included, the turnaround time will be longer.

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