Specimen Requirements

Lucence works with blood specimens kept either in purple-capped EDTA tubes or camo-colored STRECK tubes. Usage of appropriate tubes (refer to information below) for Lucence’s tests is important as the specimen integrity has to be maintained during delivery to the laboratory. Failure to do so may lead to deterioration of blood quality that affects the diagnosis and a repeat blood draw will be required.

Lucence Diagnostics provide blood collection kits to doctors in Singapore and the region at no extra charge. If the ordering physicians require phlebotomy services in Singapore, please go to the Request a Kit page to find out more about the supported locations.


Recommended Specimen: Whole blood kept at room temperature. No freezing needed.

We are unable to accept:

  • Incomplete or unsigned test forms.
  • Blood sample collected > 48 hours before sample receipt by Lucence.
  • Wrong type of specimen.
  • Mis-labelled/ Unlabelled sample.
  • Improper labeling (e.g. illegible handwriting or wrong patient information).
  • Insufficient volume of blood.
  • Leakage of tube(s) observed.
  • Wrong / Unsuitable type of tubes (e.g. expired tubes).



For somatic cancer test:

  • 15 mL of blood in Streck Tubes (Camo-colored in brown and black)

For NPC GOLD test:

  • 9 mL of blood in EDTA Tubes (Purple-colored)

For germline cancer test:

  • 15 mL of blood in EDTA Tubes (Purple-colored)


Lucence’s requirements for blood samples:

  • Keep the blood samples at room temperature.
  • Arranged for the local courier to deliver the blood samples to us on the same day of blood draw, or at the earliest available time on the next working day (except Fridays).
  • Do not freeze the blood samples.


Shipping instructions required for international shipping of biomaterials differ country to country. If you would like to ship blood sample and specimen to Singapore, kindly contact us at [email protected].