3 Billion.

The number of base pairs in your DNA.

We cover the right bases to explore targeted treatment options for cancer patients.



Our technology illuminates medical diagnosis with a single blood draw. The core engine of our technology is a pipeline of patented sequencing technology, powered by deep-tech in-house software analytics. Proudly designed by an international team of physicians and scientists headquartered in Singapore, our diagnostic tests enable physicians to make more informed decisions to improve patient outcomes.


Rapid, non-invasive and ultra-sensitive liquid biopsy

Patented companion diagnostics supported by world class expertise

World class clinical and laboratory expertise in oncology recognized by international awards

Cost effective with rapid turn-around time

In house genetic counselling provides reliable interpretation of test results for rapid management

Enabling doctors to detect cancer with a blood test instead of surgical biopsy and other invasive methods.

Lucence Diagnostics is an ISO 15189 accredited medical laboratory based in Singapore that provides advanced molecular cancer diagnostic tests. We are licensed by the Ministry of Health (Singapore) as a Clinical Laboratory (Licence No. 17I0039/1/172) under the Private Hospital and Medical Clinics Act.


Lucence participates in external programs including National External Quality Assurance System (NEQAS) and European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN) to provide quality assurance to our customers.

The Lucence Commitment

With the brightest minds in genetics, clinical science, oncology and bioinformatics, Lucence is committed to being the gold standard bearer in cancer diagnostics. Our tests are externally validated by premiere international quality assurance agencies and kept up to date with the latest clinical findings to provide the best possible diagnostics tests.

The Gold Standard

Externally Validated

Continually Reviewed